lOvers are FOR now... spoUses are FOR years... frIends are FORever... written by bill II "~))


words spoken more powerful than gifts given... written by bill II "~))


me, myself, and eye... written by bill II "~))


faces of love, faces of tears,

faces of happiness and ones you will fear.

faces frozen, solid and cast,

where time has no power and forever they last.

faces of feathers, fur and scales

eyes to wonder of stories they tell.

faces deceive, one could ask,

the face, is it real, or only a mask... written by bill II "~))


i am certainly not perfect, though I am perfect at being me.... written by bill II "~))


rocks of many, rocks of few, rocks of color, rocks of blue, brown, red, yellow and colorful too. some rocks are round and some are square, some rocks love and some rocks care. some rocks are different and some are dull, some are big and some are small round rocks with square rocks, short rocks with tall, green rocks with green rocks, there's room for them all. some rocks are many and some are alone, described as single or simply a stone. blue rocks, pink rocks, and rainbow rocks too, striped rocks, spotted rocks which means one thing is true In this community so vibrant and large all different rocks painted and hard if the paint was removed it would be such a shame, rocks are just rocks and should be loved all the same... written by bill II "~))


everyone is in a hurry to follow the car in front of you.... written by bill II "~))

life is peaches

a perfect pear, wait I meant a perfect peach, confused. a pair of peaches, in the sunshine, everything looks perfect, the yellow of the sunlight shining upon the peaches. the blue sky to show the day is young. the green leaves showing the health, with not a care in the world. though, as in life, the cracks show imperfections. nothing in life is perfect.

we live in a perfectly imperfect world.... written by bill II "~))


you are the student and life is the teacher.... written by bill II "~))


the proudest moment of your life is when the things you create, create life.... written by bill II "~))